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The Flippy Cup is the simplest way to transition from a sippy spout to an open cup: a simple 2-piece training cup for multiple stages of growth and development.

It's the only training cup you will ever need!

Stage 1 - Sippy Cup (from 6mths)
Start with the spout up from 6 months as a sippy cup. We've designed the cup to be just the right size and weight for your little one to hold, and the spout is shaped for extra comfort and durability: we 100% guarantee that it will not get destroyed by little teeth and become a new chew toy. 

Stage 2 - Slow-Flow Cup (~12mnths)
Once your little one can hold the cup on their own and their teeth emerge, flip the lid over and lock it in with the spout facing down to be used for slow-flow. 
Use the tab to help you twist and lock it in. The tab is big enough for your fingers but not too big that it touches your child's nose: yes, we've thought about everything!
This will get your child on the path to drinking unassisted from an open rim: with slow (regulated) flow they can discover how to drink without having to suck; shape their mouths to reduce dribbling and experiment with tilting the cup, all whilst reducing spills and wet shirts at the same time.

Stage 3 - Open Kids Cup (~24mths+)
As their confidence and skills increase, finally remove the lid altogether. The Flippy Cup has been designed for longevity: it will take a beating and will last for many more years to come. We've designed it with aesthetics in mind so that your child won't feel embarrassed to use it well into their school years. 

Features and Benefits:

  • Patent Pending Lid System: help your child to learn how to drink on their own and in no-time with the uniquely engineered lid system. 
  • Designed to Last: the spout is designed to prevent damage from teeth. The Flippy Cup is no chew toy and is ridiculously tough and durable. The cup and lid are also extra thick for added strength and toughness. 
  • No Nasty Chemicals: we pride ourselves on quality and safety, not only in design but in the materials we use. The Flippy Cup is BPA free and made from food-grade polypropylene, and passes FDA and EN14350 requirements.
  • Dishwasher Safe and Easy to Store: 2 piece construction means no lost parts and valves. It’s super easy to clean and store: cups and lids stack with ease.
  • Spill-Reduction Design: While the cup isn't 100% spill-proof, we've designed the cup to minimize spills and mess and have integrated a spill reduction system. We believe the quicker your child can drink from an open cup, the quicker you'll regain your sanity!