The VILO Story


We're creating a future that lets every child pursue their dream.

Do you remember what you wanted to be when you were a kid? Was it to become an an astronaut? Scientist? Maybe a singer, dancer, famous sportsperson or pilot? Did it come true?

While not every little girl can become a princess and not every boy can become Spiderman, many will tell you how their dreams were slowly taken over by the "realities" of life, forever lost and forgotten, with regret creeping in.  

At VILO Baby, we don't believe this should define the status quo.

Children have an amazing ability to inspire a smile, love, joy and they can remind us what it's like to live freely. They can also inspire dreams and possibilities, and they continually show us that the impossible is possible.

We aim to unlock the potential in children to learn, grow, dream and become incredibly confident to achieve what they set their mind to. 

At VILO Baby, we design and curate innovative products for babies, toddlers and young children. We hope to instill confidence and possibility in everything our children touch, to help them to develop the confidence to succeed and achieve.  

We also know that part of this is to make parenting easier, giving you the time to focus on your own dreams and aspirations. After all, your life goals are as important as theirs. 

Our Beginnings

VILO Baby was founded in 2013 in Sydney, Australia. We were inspired to create our first product after observing our own children grow and learn: their ability to pickup new skills and absorb the world around them amazed us.

The very first product we developed was a new toddler training cup that rethinks the training process. Only a few weeks after first being conceived, the intellectual property (IP) behind the training cup was licensed to a global baby brand in an exclusive, global deal.

This has led the VILO team to develop and manufacture its own line of training cups, starting with the Flippy Cup.